The Grand Seduction


Action / Comedy

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Taylor Kitsch as Dr. Paul Lewis
Brendan Gleeson as Murray French
Anna Hopkins as Helen
Liane Balaban as Kathleen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by grahamrobertson 9 / 10

A lovely little movie

Set in Newfoundland, one of the most beautiful places on earth, the views are constantly captivating. If you haven't been to Newfoundland, i'd truly recommend it. You will see sights you've never seen before.

The story Grand Seduction is cute, the acting sweet and endearing. The laughs were plenty. I went with my wife, and I honestly haven't seen her laugh so much in years. Each joke was just a little human insight.

In a world of movies filled with monsters and vampires, or traveling into the future to survive war and save the was refreshing to see a movie like Grand Seduction about real people...just living real lives.

I'd recommend Grand Seduction as the perfect date night film.

Reviewed by Paula Watkinson 10 / 10

Everything I wanted in a date-night movie

The Grand Seduction is a charming movie that exceeded my expectations. It brought attention to the plight of those living in the wreckage of the broken fishing industry without becoming a depressing enviro-movie.

This character-driven film, lead by the brilliant Brendon Gleason, had class, and heart, and humour that left me doubled over in laughter. Gordon Pinsent absolutely steals the show with his dead-pan deliveries and Taylor Kitsch brings a touch of 'Hollywood smoothness' to his role of a city-slicker doctor.

No special effects, green-screen gimmicks or explosions (all of which I love!) - and yet, more satisfying than any film I've seen this year.

Highly recommend!

Reviewed by john-831-136270 9 / 10

A must see movie for those tired of forced Hollywood humour

This is a gentle movie, filled with gentle humour that brought smiles of delight to every one of our group of six. The scenes of the Newfoundland coast were breath taking. A great little story about a community struggling for survival. Another reviewer was dismayed by all of the citizens lining up for their welfare cheques. An exaggeration yes, because it is a film, but the key message he missed was how noble and honest, despite their desperate scam, the people of Newfoundland are. When I took my family for a vacation in Newfoundland we were mightily impressed by the scenic beauty but even more impressed by its people and their genuine interest in others. It made us proud to be Canadian and this film makes me proud of the Canadian film industry.

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